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Spa and Snack Basket Pink & Purple

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 Contents of this Baskets:


(1) - Wooden Basket with Décor

(1) - Plush Monkey

(1) - Cup with Straw

(1) - Love Sponge

(1) - Lovely Blossoms Body Lotion 2.02 fl oz

(1) - Lovely Blossoms Cream Bath 3.0 fl oz

(1) - Lovely Blossoms Shower Gel 3.04 fl oz

(1) - Hot / Cold Eye Mask

(1) - Bag of Russell Stover Candy 

(2) - Faygo Grape Pop (Soda)

(1) - Mini Loofah Sponge

(2) - Large Loofah Sponge


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The creation of this Gift arrangement is arranged and organized by hand, it's unique, and is customized according to your order. Call to specifically customize, otherwise, the contents in this arrangement will vary and be selected according to product availability. Because it's arranged by hand the structure and appearance vary. Each arrangement is unique to it's design and structure do to the items used to create it.